About Kelvin Designs

Mission Statement & Values

About Me

I've been designing logos, magazines, websites, stationary, brochures and packaging since the mid-nineties. I'm an avid fan of the crossroads in technology and the arts. I love designing, but teaching and then seeing people succeed is what I cherish. I am always learning new techniques about design and photography and share them on my YouTube channel

My Methodology

I have been teaching graphic design for a few years, and my basic philosophy in instruction is learning through application. A traditional journeyman had to learn by working for a few years and thereby learning the trade, became a master.

My favorite quote

"Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away." Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Mission Statement

Kelvin Designs seeks to provide the highest level of distance education training in the art and technique of photography, post processing, special effects, 3D, filmmaking and design using multi-media training materials developed by our staff and accomplished experts in their respective fields, while providing a high level of service and support to every student.

We strive to be the leading non-traditional online academic solution educating people motivated to improve their lives and photography. We empower students to achieve their self-improvement goals through flexible, convenient, affordable, and highly relevant programs of study. We keep our course cost low so the maximum number of students can afford to study with us, and our non-discrimination policy allows anyone who wants to study with us the opportunity to do so. We seek to support different learning styles through our multi-media materials and published instructional books.

It is our goal to offer the highest level of photographic, post processing, special effects, 3D, filmmaking and design training to students worldwide.

Our goal of “Anyone can Learn, Anywhere” is also made possible with our well-developed, time-tested multimedia approach to education. Unlike traditional classroom models, our asynchronous distance education courses provide scheduling flexibility that allows students to engage at their own individual pace.

Our primary goal is to provide training that allows all students who purchase a Kelvin Designs course to improve their skills in the field they desire. We recognize that different students enroll with varying levels of experience and creative talent, and we design our instructional materials to take that into account.

We measure our success based on several factors: student completion rates, feedback solicited from our students, our graduates and our teachers.

Another objective is to provide all students with support in all aspects of their training. This is achieved by having our experts hold webinars and special field trips that are available to students for any type of question relating to their studies.


  • Accountability – We set measurable goals and are accountable to students, and to each other, for our actions, performance and results.
  • Integrity – We operate with the utmost integrity, and treat both our colleagues and our students with dignity and respect. We also expect integrity from our students.
  • Passion – We believe we can make a difference in people’s lives and want to help all students, faculty and staff members realize their individual potential.
  • Teamwork – We believe collaboration and communication among students, faculty, and staff are essential to achieving great outcomes for students and our company.
  • Excellence – we strive to uphold high standards in our programs, student experience, and support services, and are continually seeking ways to improve each of these areas.

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