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Course Overview

This course will take you through 5 hours of video where I show you how to capture the most stunning cityscapes. With tons of live video from all over the beautiful city of France I take you through 30 retouching projects - including 4 behind-the-scenes videos where I show you my composition and process. This course will show you professional-grade techniques for creating the best cityscape shots - and the secret behind my most popular cityscape photos.




4 Hours 55 Minutes


Beginner - Intermediate


Lightroom CC & Photoshop CC

Lessons: Part 1

Arc de Triomphe Lesson 1 LIVE

Live shooting at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France.

Arc de Triomphe Lesson 2

In this video I show you how to shoot a dramatic black and white and a selective color black and white after the live shoot that we did.

Arc de Triomphe Lesson 3

Let’s retouch the colorful photo taken from the top of the Arc de Triomphe and making these dull night photo pop!

Arc de Triomphe Lesson 4

In this video we will see how to reduce the noise of photos taken at 4000 iso because tripods were not allowed where I shot.

Notre Dame Lesson 1 LIVE

Live shooting at Notre Dame in Paris, France

Notre Dame Lesson 2

In this lesson, we review some of the shots that I took around Notre Dame and why I chose this photo over that photo and then I will show a mix-up of Lightroom HDR and Photoshop digital blending.

Notre Dame Lesson 3

This time we compare an HDR done in Lightroom with one in Aurora HDR 2017.

Notre Dame Lesson 4

We do another comparison of Aurora HDR and Lightroom CC, this time the winner is going to be different.

Lessons: Part 2

Da Vinci Code Church Lesson 1 LIVE

Live shooting at the Church used in the Da Vinci Code Movie!

Da Vinci Code Church Lesson 2

In this video I will show you how to retouch photos taken with an ND1000 filter at 30 seconds of exposure into great dramatic black and whites.

Saint Tropez Sunset Lesson 1 LIVE

Live shooting of a beautiful Saint Tropez Sunset

Saint Tropez Sunset Lesson 2

In this video we are going to look at photos taken in that small village in the south of France and retouch the normal exposure.

Saint Tropez Sunset Lesson 3

In this video we are going to retouch a long exposure and make it extraordinary by adding some clouds.

Saint Tropez Sunset Lesson 4

A quick selection and a retouch of some blue hour photos after sunset.

Amien Lesson 1

As I went home from the North of France I came to this small medieval town Amiens. There was an amazing sunset and I show you how I retouch each photo. Starting in this first video with a classic retouching using the normal exposure. I also show you the advantage of using Lightroom HDR blending compare to the just retouching one exposure.

Amien Lesson 2

I show you how to use all the hard work from the first retouching to quickly get a good result on the remaining photos. I also show you why I prefer some photos to other ones.

Amien Lesson 3

We finish retouching the last photo with a bigger focus on Photoshop and how to blend back some dark sky and how to move a bird for a better composition.

Lessons: Part 3

Gruyere Lesson

In this video I show you some composition tricks and also how to shoot at the right hour when you shoot small villages. I also show you the full retouch from A to Z of one of the nicest village in Switzerland.

Provence Lesson 1

Come with me in Mane and I will show you how to do a Panorama HDR in Lightroom despite Lightroom’s protest. I will also show you how to use Photoshop to get back missing parts of a panorama.

Provence Lesson 2

In this video we are going to take an over exposed, dull photo and bring it back to life as we have a nice composition of this beautiful hotel in Mane, south of France.

Louvre Tourist Erasing Lesson 1

In this video we are going to take a series of photos taken of the same subject where the only difference is the tourist moving, in this first view we will retouch one of the raw file and synch that retouch on all the others one and then go to Photoshop using the stack mode to erase most of the tourist.

Louvre Tourist Erasing Lesson 2

In this second video we are going to continue erasing tourists using other tools in Photoshop and then finalize the image.

New York Building Lesson 1

In this first video we are going to prepare a vertorama. A very classic technique when you want to shoot a city like New York.

New York Building Lesson 2

In this video we are going to prepare a few sky replacements and then replace the sky of this photo and make it a more colorful photo.

Lessons: Part 4

New York Bridge Lesson 1

I will show you how to retouch photos taken under the rain and how to add haze to given even more depth to it.

New York Bridge Lesson 2

We are going to do a very dramatic black and white with a sky replacement.

Roof of Paris Lesson

In this video, I will show one of my most sold photo in galleries and how I processed it as HDR. This is the only chapter where there is no raw files - for copyright reasons.

Venice Finale

In this video, I will show you how to retouch people and sunset at the same time, plus we are going to see the advantage of shooting at the blue hour without a tripod.


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