Bring Super Heroes to Life!

Creative Composites: Super Hero



Course Overview

In this course I take you through and full composite project, from start to finish, of a powerful super hero! I’ll show you how to incorporate a large amount of elements in to one, incredibly stylized composite. I’ll show you how to create a super hero that looks like it jumped right out of a comic book. This is a very fun project that includes all of the source files and my working files with layers so you can follow along and create the same composite.


Creating Water on the Ground

Adding the Super Hero

Reflections and Depth

Color Correction

Finishing Touches




1 Hour 10 Minutes


Beginner to Intermediate





Let's get an overall look at what we will do in this course.


We start with creating the background elements for our composite.

Logo & Puddles

Creating the super hero logo in the sky and the rain puddles.

The Super Hero

We extract and import the super hero into the scene !

Color Correction

Let's blend everything together using color correction.


I show you how to create some great looking rain and water splashes.

Overall Corrections

Now, we are going to do some corrections that affect all elements in the composition.

The Final Touches

After waiting for a bit and coming back to the composite, looking at the colors, we have a fresh look and finish the final details.


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