Learn to Turn Back Time in Your Photos!

Creative Composites: The 30s



Course Overview

Learn to Turn Back Time in Your Photos! In this course I take you through a full composite project, from start to finish, of a stylish woman from the 1930s! I’ll show you how to use numerous elements and combine them seamlessly into one stylish composite. I’ll show you how to create a 1930s look that makes you feel like you traveled back in time. This is fun project that includes all of the source files and my actions so you can follow along and create the same composite.




1 Hour 37 Minutes




Lightroom CC & Photoshop CC


Introduction and Background

I will go over the scope of this course and then begin with retouching of our background image.


We will add some amazing light glows in the photo to create a beautiful ambience. 

Model Extraction

I will show you how to professionally extract our model from the original photo in preparation for the final composite.

The Composition

In this lesson, we will be importing our model into our background with lights and seamlessly blending her into the scene. It's all coming together!

The Final Touches

I'll show you how to blend lights in our existing photo to match our model to the scene and then add some final color corrections for an amazing composition from the 1930s!


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