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Flight of Icarus Photo Composite



Course Overview

Join Creative Director and Photoshop Guru Rikard Rodin in creating a Greek mythology-inspired composite—Flight of Icarus. The course is filled with Photoshop techniques that are useful for any photo compositing work you may want to do—including masking techniques, retouching and cloning, color grading and texture techniques.




1 Hour 35 Minutes


Beginner to Intermediate


Photoshop CC


Getting Started

Learn how to open files as smart objects and some keyboard shortcuts that will drastically speed up your compositing.

Cutting Out Icarus

Here we use paths to cutout the model from the background and then refine that selection to include hair with the Selection and Mask tool.

Adjusting the Loincloth

Learn how to use the puppet warp tool to adjust the shape of a cloth object.

Replacing the Feet

Learn to use the transform tool, curves and masks to replace the feet.

Making Icarus Fly

Here we use the liquify tool to make subtle changes to the man's posture and then add his wings.

Birds in the Sky

Here we change the background sky and then use multiple images to populate the sky with birds.

Color Grading

Learn how to use gradient maps, color balance and curves to color grade your composite.

Adjusting Lighting

Here we add in the sun flare and make more fine tuned color adjustments to the overall image.

The Final Touches

In this lesson, we give the composite image a few final touches to make the image really sing.


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