Mastering B&W Portrtaits with Lightroom

Gallery B&W Portraits with Lightroom



Course Overview

In this course I will teach you how to retouch black & white gallery-type portraits. This 2-hour course contains 11 projects where you learn to retouch portraits that were taken in a studio or with no professional lighting.




1 Hour 49 Minutes





Part 1

Introduction of lessons and techniques

Importing the Raw files into Lightroom and creating a collection set.

Portrait 1 - Artificial Lighting

Transforming to B&W and creating artificial lighting with brushes.

Portrait 2 - Grungy High-Detail

Creating a grungy high-detail black and white portrait.

Portrait 3 - Artificial shallow depth of Field

Creating artificial shallow depth of field and localized adjustments.

Portrait 4 - High Detailed Close-Up Portrait

Creating a high-contrast, high-detail close-up portrait.

Portrait 5 - Coming out of the Dark Portrait

Creating a portrait photo to make it look like the subject is coming out of the darkness.

Part 2

Portrait 6 - Toddler Portrait

Creating a black and white portrait of a toddler.

Portrait 7 - Tranforming a Snapshot into a Portrait

How to make a piercing portrait of a non-studio photo.

Portrait 8 - Extracting Backgrounds in Portraits

How to extract the background to give your photo more depth.

Portrait 9 - Super Close-Up Portrait

How to adjust a super close-up portrait.

Portrait 10 - HDR-Looking Portrait

How to create an HDR-looking portrait from a studio photo.

Portrait 11 - All the Steps in Retouching a Portrait

How to fix small imperfections and create artificial lighting to make a high-detailed portrait.


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