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Course Overview

My all-new Interior Design course using Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC will take you through four projects from A to Z. I will show you how I shoot, retouch and finalize professional quality Interior Design photos - the kind you see in magazines and used in real estate! You will learn Panorama HDR, Flash techniques for incredible lighting and even Virtual Reality scenes




2 Hours 31 Minutes




Lightroom CC, Photoshop CC, Free Trial of Autopano, Free Trial of Panotour

Lessons: Part 1

Gear for flash

In this video I show you the type of gear you need to have.

Shooting with Flash

I will show you a live shoot with Alex and how he use the flash.

Roof Top Technique

A full retouch with Alex and I on the rooftop photo.


Another project that Alex did earlier where he used flash to make an old vintage living room awesome.

Panorama HDR

This is my full workflow on how to use Lightroom CC to make really cool interior HDR panorama.

W Pool View

This not an HDR photo but it’s a really cool LA photo that has different color issues and I show you how to correct that in Lightroom.

Finding Nodal Points

Setting up your Ninja Nodal panorama head and finding the nodal point.

Lessons: Part 2

How to shoot for VR

How to shoot a virtual reality project, including floor and ceiling.

Rooftop Pool

Let's retouch the photos we took at the W hotel in Los Angeles and make our first VR.

Other VRs and Reception

In this video we will be doing three other VR Projects.

Panotour quick tutorial

Let's use Panotour to get our VR to come to life and put it online!

Difficult Case Preparation

Shooting and stitching a true 360 x 180 VR, including floor and ceiling is a bit more difficult. I show you how to prepare the file and also how to include some HDR techniques in your VRs.

Difficult Case Final

When you use VR you can run into trouble getting the ceiling and the floor right - I show you a few tricks to solve that !


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