Photo Composite

Lady and the Fox Photo Composite



Course Overview

Course Description Join Creative Director and Photoshop Guru Rikard Rodin in creating an artistic composition of a lady with a fox. In addition to covering photoshop compositing basics—shortcuts, selection, masking, transform—there are unique techniques here for creating light rays, dust and for color grading.




1 Hour 37 Minutes


Beginner to Intermediate


Photoshop CC


Getting Started

Learn the most used shortcuts in Photoshop—and the shortcuts that will drastically speed up your photoshop compositing.

The Lady

Here we use paths to cutout the model from the background and then refine that selection to include hair with the Selection and Mask tool.

The Fox

Learn how to use quick selections, spot blurring and converting layers into masks.

The Butterflies

Dive into additional selection methods—with color range and focus range selections.

Integration & Shading

Coloring with curves, adding ambient shadows, adding depth of field—all in one lesson.

Light Effects

Add lighting effects, including light rays made from noise gradients, to your composite in this lesson.

Artistic Color Grading

Learn how to use "Match Color" to create artistic color grading effects.


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