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Photography Business Masterclass



Course Overview

In my Photography Business Masterclass I will show you what I used to create a successful photography business! I will show you everything from contacting clients, creating business connections, creating niche photography for specific clients and getting your foot in the door to paid photography.

I include lessons on all social media sites, portfolios for business, how to create a website and even give you invoice templates and suggested rate sheets so you can sell your work! In this course, I also show you how to use Youtube and 500px to create a name for yourself and showcase your work. I give you all of the tools you need to make a career in photography! This course is not affected by discounts.




3 Hours 6 Minutes




Photoshop CC & Illustrator CC

Lessons: Part 1

Are You Ready?

What it takes to start being a Pro photographer

Find your Niche!

Hotels, Restaurants, Real Estate, Weddings & Pack Shots...

What is the Minimum Requirement to Start?

Have a Logo, a Website, Facebook Page and an Instagram Page

How Much Should You Charge?

How to find the right price at the right level

How to Get Your First Customers

Working for free at first can be an option to build a portfolio

Sales Simulation Part 1

I show you how I contact clients and get work from them over the phone.

Sales Simulation Part 2

I show you how I contact clients and get work from them over the phone.

Lessons: Part 2

What is the Best Way to Deliver Photos to Your Customer?

 Using a Pro gallery will get you a long way

How do You Invoice and Collect Money?

Deliver Professional Invoices

The Right Way to Use Social Media

Post on Social Media to show you are a working photographer

The Importance of Name Dropping

Gain the trust of customers by showing who you have worked for

How do you Use YouTube to Make Yourself Known?

YouTube is the Second Biggest Website on the Planet

How do you use Instagram to Boost your Business?

Instagram is THE Photographic Social Media Site

How do You Use Facebook to Boost Your Business

Creating Ads with facebook

Lessons: Part 3

Why You Should Have Two Websites

One for the Images and One for the Information

The Value of 500px and its Best Practices

You could become a star overnight on 500px!

What About Google Plus and Flickr?

Using Circles to speed up your following

Creating and Using a Mailing List

Use your Social Media to build a Mailing List and Use it!

How to Create Newsletters with MailChimp

Simple and Effective Newsletters in just minutes!

My thoughts on Stock Photography and the Reality of the Market

I give you my insight into the world of Stock Photography

The Importance of Working on Personal Projects!

How I got the Biggest Deals in the Long Run with my Personal Projects


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