Retouch your Photos Like a Pro

Photoshop: Retouching



Course Overview

With this easy-to-learn course of over 2 hours of video training lessons, you will learn how retouch your photos like a pro using Photoshop CS 6.




1 Hour 31 Minutes







Let’s go over what we are going to do in this training videos.

Camera Raw Basics

In this video, we will go over all the basics of the camera raw and the basis of my workflow.

Venice Plaza

Let’s apply this workflow to a photo taken in the end of afternoon in Venize Italy.

The roof of Paris

This photo was completly under expose, you will see that the workflow is slightly different for underexposed photos. The power of raw file developing can be surprising !

Urban Portrait

The workflow changes also a little when a human being is in the photo. We will explore more Photoshop options in that project.

Panorama WD Concert Hall LA

The workflow for panorama is very powerful as we will get the best out of the raw files before merging. One of my most popular photo.

Dynamic Range increases.

This is the most powerful workflow I have learned. Blending several exposures using Photoshop instead of using an HDR software. We get the dynamic range back with a more natural result.


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