Understanding the Basics of Photography

Understanding Photography With Simple Words



Understanding the Basics of Photography

The challenge of this course is to try to explain the basics of photography without using the technical words. I will give also as many visual examples possible to grasp the different technical aspects of photography.




1 Hour 8 Minutes





Lessons: Part 1


An introduction to this course and why I made it

AV Mode

Camera AV mode: what is aperture, how to use it, depth of field, light and the "AV" mode on your camera

TV Mode

Camera TV mode: what is shutter speed, how to use it and how it relates to tripods and freehand shooting and subjects in motion


ISO: what is it, the use of it, properly exposing photographs and how chaning the ISO can affect quality & noise

The Manual Mode, the Pro Mode

Camera manual mode: what it is, how to use it and how it relates to shooting sequences of photographs

Exposure compensation

Expsure compensation & other camera modes: how to use exposure compensation adjust your camera to get the photo you want

Photos Recipes

Photo recipes: camera settings and the photographs they created, good settings for nighttime, daytime, landscapes, portraits and more

Lens and Tips & Tricks

Lenses: how lenses work, what the numbers mean, examples, which lenses work good for what types of photos and my tips on lenses

Raw vs JPG

RAW vs JPG files, what is the difference, how to use each, what each type is good for

Lessons: Part 2

Practical: Daylight

Shooting with me in daylight in paris and how i adjust my camera and use these settings to get my photo 

Practical: Golden hour

Shooting with me in paris during the "golden hour" and my camera settings for this photo

Practical: Nighttime

Shooting with me in paris at nighttime, using a tripod and my camera settings for this photo plus settings for shooting portraits at night

The Rules of Composition

Rules of composition: quality of light, rule of 3rds, depth and the message of your photographs

Intro to Lightroom 4

Retouching in Lightroom, a few basics for quickly improving the quality of your photographs

Where to Learn Lightroom 4

Reoutching in Lightroom 4, where to learn more

Intro to Photoshop CS6

Retouching in Photoshop CS6, a basic overview and where to learn more


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